Suggest a Diner

If you know an older person who might benefit from a home-cooked meal delivered to them by a friendly neighbour, tell them about Casserole Club then let us know.

Sounds good, what's next


Check to see if Casserole is live where the person lives.


Ask them if they’d like a neighbour to deliver them a meal every now and then.


If they’d like to meet a neighbour, refer them to us here.


Let them know we’ll be in touch by phone to introduce them to Casserole Club.

Building a safe community

Safety 02

We keep in touch with our Diners

Our Diners are important to us and we take extra care to make sure they feel safe and comfortable with the food and company they are receiving from their Cook. We check in with Diners over the phone and always tell them about a new Cook before we introduce them.

Safety 01

We check our Cooks

Before our volunteers become Casserole Cooks they go through a safeguarding process that includes a food safety quiz and a police records check (free to volunteers). We also keep in contact with them to see that everything is going ok with their Diner.

Safety 03

We need your help

We know that potential Diners can get upset if they get a call that they aren’t expecting. Help them (and us) by telling them about Casserole before you refer them. Even if Diners aren’t sure they want to join, we can still have a chat and answer any questions they may have over the phone.

Some of our Cooks

I joined the Casserole Club as I realised it matched my love of cooking with being able to help someone else. I've had great fun trying out new recipes to share. I've made a real friend.



Tries new things

I always cook too much so it’s an easy way for me to make a positive contribution – plus my daughter and I have made a new friend!



Enjoys making friends

I joined Casserole because our family likes home cooking and I believe it important for my children to develop a strong sense of community.



Loves her community